"I  have had the pleasure to work with Jessica regarding nutrition.  She was patient and dedicated in guiding me to a path of  healthier and more nutritious choices.  I was able to focus and explore areas of emotional eating, including stressors.  Diabetes played a role and with Jessica's knowledge and dedication I was able to maintain my sugars with proper nutrition and diet, I even lost weight.   My  quality of life has improved tremendously.  Thank you Jessica!"


" It has been 12 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Coincidentally, it was 12 years ago I met you. I loved you from the minute I met you. You are a caring compassionate women who took my hand and helped me  navigate my new illness.  

I  am happy to say, although I’m still on the high border of blood sugar, I am on no medication for diabetes and I do not need to check my blood sugar at all. As a matter of fact, the new place that serves my health care does not have me listed as a diabetic at all. 

Hummm. Yes prayers have helped. But I think the prayers were answered by meeting you.  The work we did set the course for my future healthy self. Thank you my dear. I would highly recommend you to anyone facing a health crisis. You are amazing"

When I wanted to lose some weight for an upcoming vacation, a friend suggested I visit Jessica Gorhan.  Jessica suggested removing gluten and dairy from my diet.  She was thorough in her teaching/coaching, and provided me with alternatives to wheat flour.  Jessica was also available for follow up questions and advice.  Jessica has a passion for healthy living and loves to share her knowledge with others. 

Nutrition Services

Nutritional Medicine

Jessica has been practicing nutritional medicine for over 15 years and has helped people manage and heal from chronic illnesses like: diabetes, high blood pressure, skin conditions, obesity, addiction, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, MRSA, Autism, ADD|ADHD, and more. She works with you based on your health goals and helps you discover the root cause of your condition and work to heal the body through nutrition and other healing tools. 

Nutrition for Heart Health

Recently diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol ?  Have you been taking blood pressure medication or medication for reducing cholesterol ?  If you would like to learn how to reduce both of those numbers with nutrition, I can help!

Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

 Addiction is a chronic disease and can be treated with nutrition just like other chronic illnesses. In these sessions learn about the biology of addiction and how food and your relationship with food can help to heal your body and reduce cravings. 

Nutrition for Diabetes

Have you recently been diagnosed or living with Type 2 Diabetes? Not only will we spend time learning about diabetes and how your body functions with diabetes, you will also learn how to manage your diabetes with diet and keep your blood sugars normal.

Type 1? There are many ways to regulate  your sugars using diet and minimizing your use of insulin and the long term effects of diabetes on the body. Let's talk!

Nutrition for Weight Loss

No Fad DIETS! Are you looking for a permanent solution to weight loss? Most of the time weight gain and difficulty losing weight is a symptom of something else not working in the body. Let's work together to find what will help your body heal and help you feel good!

Nutrition for Chronic Illness

If you are like me, then you had a million things wrong with your health and no diagnosis. I am hear to listen and to help. After being "fired" by all my doctors and told to live with feeling terrible, I researched and used my knowledge of nutrition to heal my body without any medications! Chronic fatigue, eczema, acne, fibromyalgia, lupus, muscular sclerosis, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, MRSA (chronic staff infecitons), and everything else that seems to persist!